A new customer of ours posted a great review on her blog.  Never be scared of painting!  Anybody can do it.  FUN!



I had not painted since junior high school, but I have already been back to Fear No Easel twice!  The first time I went by myself and made some new friends.  Fear No Easel is the perfect place to go alone if you want a relaxing evening or are new to the area.  The second time, I took a girlfriend and we had a blast drinking wine and listening to great music while we painted.  Then we walked to dinner next door (Basil and Opal and Crave are in the same block).  I am definately going to take my husband on a date night soon.  He will love it!

Isle of Palms, SC


Fear No Easel was a blast! I took my mother-in-law, who has never painted anything, she loved it & left with a beautiful painting! Gina & Les made us feel so comfortable & Kate, the artist, was so patient with us wanna-be artists!

Melanie S
Mt Pleasant, SC


I had such a great time with friends painting at Fear No Easel. It is a great way to relax after a long day at work. Loved the artists and painintgs!
So excited for the business to open! Will definitely be checking for monthly calendars and wine specials!

Robyn P
Mt Pleasant, SC



Thank you so much for a fantastic evening of ART at Fear No Easel!!!

I really looooove this concept:
You just have to sign up, show up and get started right away!!!
No preparations, no hassle, no clean up!!!
And the best part: you don’t need any experience at all!!!
With the help of FNE’s wonderful teachers EVERYBODY can do it and be or become an artist!!!
An additional glass of wine or a beer might help even the worst skeptical person to let loose of their inner artist!!! J

Our painting session was awesome! I really had a blast and I was very grateful for all the great instructions, helpful tips and brilliant recommendations from our teacher. She is an amazing artist, absolutely competent and very professional: She taught us step by step to recreate her masterpiece. She was very sweet and totally patient with everybody, especially us non-artists!!! That made it even more fun!
I will definitely come back again!!!

Thanks again,


First let me say that I am NO artist, there is not a craftsy bone in my body. But I do like to have a good time, hang out with fun people and try new things. Fear No Easel is a fantastic place to do all of that…… and I actually came away with a piece of art I would display! The artists break each step down so simply that you do not even realize that you are painting something amazing. The mood is right, the experience adventurous and the keepsake painting is a real bonus. A visit made for a great date night for us. We laughed, we drank and we painted- much different than dinner and a movie for sure. I plan to go back often…in fact my in-laws are in town for the holidays and we are going to make a family night of it.

Chris R
Mt Pleasant, SC


From a HUGE FAN!

“My experience at Fear No Easel was one of relaxing fun with my two favorite things: friends and wine. I felt that the artist was a great step-by-step guide to the painting, although I was able to let my “inner artist” come out and add my own touches to make the painting mine. Great atmosphere, artists, and hosts! I will certainly return for many more paintings and bring all the gals (and gents!) with me! A must do here in Charleston! ”

Ayme C
Mt Pleasant, SC


Everytime I go to Fear no Easel I have such a great time!  It is such a fun way to let the creative juices flow, while having a great time with my girlfriends!  I really like how you don't have to be an "artist" to end up with a painting that you wouldn't be ashamed to put on your wall.  You make it so easy, anyone can do it!

Heather M

Mt Pleasant, SC